Profitable & Purposeful Podcasting Masterclass for Coaches & Consultants 


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Learn how to produce a profitable and purposeful podcast for Coaches who want to get clients and build their business with a podcast.

eBook: Industry Thought Leader

From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast.


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Learn, while being a fly-on-the-wall as coaches get their podcasting and business-building questions answered.

The 7 Modules covered in the Masterclass:

Module 1: Podcasting for Coaches: Overview

There's a big difference between launching a podcast and launching a podcast as a business owner.  It’s relatively easy to start a podcast. However, starting a podcast that enables you to build your reach (with your ideal client), your reputation as a trusted authority, and your revenue so you can nurture listeners into leads from your very first episode is another matter altogether.  As a Coach and/or Consultant, this module covers what we should be considering when it comes to starting a podcast as a business and why it matters.

Module 2: Are you ready to launch your podcast?

Are you ready to launch a podcast that will generate the results and outcomes you desire? 

This module covers the three things that'll indicate you’re not quite ready to launch your podcast yet. We’ll also be covering what you need to focus on first, so that when you launch, you’ll be able to cut through the noise, stand out with your message, and begin to generate results 24/7, 365 days/year from your very first episode.

Module 3: 4 Podcasting Mistruths & Mistakes to Avoid

Many businesses focus on the wrong things when starting their podcast - hoping it will ensure their podcast is a success. From focusing on technology and getting the ‘best’ microphone, to wanting to build ‘vanity numbers’, through to topping the charts on new and noteworthy, which are just some of things that are a distraction. 

In this module we’ll cover the four things that many businesses focus on when it comes to their podcast and why they shouldn’t, along with what they should be focusing on instead so their podcast can position them for success from the get-go.

Module 4: The Podcast Positioning Quadrant

Many businesses compare their podcast to mainstream radio, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.   Unlike the audience that mainstream radio builds, taking the time to build a highly niched, highly engaged smaller audience with your podcast WILL generate the best results for female entrepreneurs looking to build an audience of their ideal clients. 


People come for the topic - they return for the Podcast Host - YOU, when you have the right elements in place. In this module we’ll talk about each of the 4 quadrants and why as a coach and/or consultant, you’ll want to position yourself as a Trusted Authority - Quadrant 4 and the elements that will help you achieve that. 

Module 5: Seven Common Podcasting Mistakes 

As Coach and/or Consultant we know how important it is to have the right strategy, the right systems, and the right business model in place in order for us to build a profitable and scalable business.   The same goes for your podcast. 

In this module we’ll cover the seven most common mistakes coaches make when it comes to their podcast so you can avoid falling into the same traps. Learn what you need to focus on, so you can get your podcast set up the right way, with the right strategy for your unique business model, and begin to leverage your podcast to generate leads, get clients and grow your business.

Module 6: Nurture Listeners into Leads 

As a coach and/or consultant we all know the importance of building ‘know, like and trust’ with our ideal clients as we continue to share our message.

In this module you’ll learn how to leverage your podcast to continue building ‘know, like and trust’ with our ideal client along the customer journey and why it’s so important. 

You’ll also discover how you can set up your podcast the right way, with the right tactic to begin nurturing listeners into leads, taking them from ‘just getting to know you’ through to: ‘I want to hire you!’ From your very first episode. 

Module 7: Key Podcasting Principles 

From getting the RIGHT strategy in place, through to why focusing on building Reputation Equity vs Vanity Numbers, and why building a community of FANS vs just followers - in this module, we’ll cover the 7 Key Podcasting Principles for Coaches and/or Consultants who wand to build their Reach (with their ideal client), their Reputation (as a Trusted Authority), and their Revenue, being able to nurture listeners into leads from their very first episode. 


About Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is the Founder of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and Industry Thought Leader Academy as well as the author of: Industry Thought Leader: How to go from Invisible to Influential (and profitable) with a Podcast. 

Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen’ Annemarie is an award-winning podcast host, and is recognised as a pioneer in the podcasting space having started her first co-hosted podcast in 2008, and leveraging audio since 2005.

Over the last 12 years she has interviewed thousands of guests, won multiple awards in both podcasting and personal branding, has been listed among the Top Podcast Lists for Entrepreneurs and small business worldwide, with her podcasts being syndicated on both National and International Radio.

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OMG, you’re so good at what you do!  You’ve just blown me away – I’ve had more AHA’s than you have room for.  In fact, I’ve gotten more value in what you have shared during your free event than the thousands of dollars I paid a so-called podcasting expert.

 Angela Sutcliff

Well, that was just excellent.

Thanks so much for this Masterclass. It is truly helpful!

 Centred 24/7

Thanks Annemarie for your guidance. My biggest aha - I have to refine my message even more. And, I have too many niches!

 Glenis Glassman

Great Masterclass, Annemarie. My biggest aha - Don't let my message get lost in the noise of my own podcast!

 Kayleen West

Great webinar. No nonsense, to the point, knowledge-based, and the workbook (as part of the VIP Access) really makes the learning process valuable and applicable - thanks!

- Shalom & Forward Movement - Margo Lovett

The Masterclass is a wealth of knowledge and has given me lots to think about when it comes to our podcast.

- Stephanie G